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"We believe in building ourselves to build the construction industry."


Mission Statement

We exist to empower, encourage and promote women in the construction, design and development industry. From interior architects to structural engineers, general contractors to specialty contractors, real-estate brokers to owners representatives - we believe in building ourselves to build the construction industry.

What is BuildHER all About?

Community and collaboration

Community + collaboration.

We build the industry by committing to be a group of supportive, encouraging professionals dedicated to growing themselves and others in the industry in a

high-trust environment.


Personal + professional growth.

We build the industry when we start with bettering ourselves. We become better employees, leaders, mentors, partners and family members when we foster self-awareness. It starts with ourselves to enhance the impact we have.



We build the industry when we’re working together, walking alongside each other while being vulnerable, authentic and growing together.

Leadership development.


We build the industry by diving deeper into various leadership competencies. Some of these may include, but are certainly not limited to: communication, decisions, resiliency, self-awareness and self-development, building teams, trust, and managing ambiguity.

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